3 Tools to Drive Automatic Likes

News 04:05 May 2024:

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This is not the best time to leave Twitter. With millions of active user’s day in day out, there is a very huge chance of improving your business. Whether you are using this for personal use or using twitter to make it big online, there are sure ways to do drive you to popularity. All will result to your advantage.

According to statistics, 42% depend on Twitter to check and study some products and services offered by many businesses. 41% are participating in polls. 19% use Twitter to air out their concerns to any customer support. So imagine how much reach you will have when you engage in Twitter.

Now, let’s say you are already in Twitter. You are religiously checking and engaging. Yet, you will observe that the response rate is very poor. What are you going to do?

There’s nothing more to do but to implement your own strategy. But before that, you need to an overall audit of your account. Auditing your account means checking the behavior in the past. How many automatic likes on your posts, when or what time do they like, from where are the likes. All of them matters. They will serve as your deciding factors as you make your strategy.

You should be checking for the following:

Check what posts or the kind of posts that generated the most likes. Of course, this kind of posts will give you the edge. So you have to cling on that kind.

Try to check your competitors. By observing their accounts’ behavior, you will know what is effective from not. And of course, you need to, at some sort, to mimic the effective strategies.

After this audit, you may now use these tools that will help you increase your Twitter engagements:

Twitter Analytics

This will help you analyze your audience. This toll will give you a glimpse of both the negative and positive side. Remember, it is not only the positive side that will give you meaty insights. Sometimes, knowing what’s not working will give you the opportunity to think of an edge over the others.


This tool will lead you to the top and highly performing contents. If you have them in your hand, you will know that to share. Sharing top contents will drive high engagements, more comments, will surely give automatic likes, and provide you more followers. From the line of contents they will provide, you have to choose which on will be suit you. But there’s nothing to worry since what they will give you are already the trending contents.


This tool will help you to be organized. It will give the list of mentions that you have. All in one easy glance. You need not check on all the feeds one by one. Well, you can do that but after you engage. Hootsuite will bring you the ones that must be prioritized.

Will all these 3 tools, automatic likes is surely a hit. You need not do much effort. So make sure you will use these tools.